As a part of a major expansion in Tamar Valley, the Planica Nordic Center includes a new central building located near the end of a cross-country skiing tracks. The circular building is located in the middle of the overall composition and provides a variety of establishments to visitors and users. It contains a vast underground garage, which can be transformed into an indoor cross-country ski track in the summer or a large press and conference area during competitions or when needed otherwise.
 The concept for the interior follows the circular scheme of the building, around its central part – the wind tunnel. In addition to carefully selected materials, textures and colour, there is a well rounded organization of exhibition panels and showcases. These elements are flexible / folding with an intent of multifunctionality of space. The aim was to create a light, clear and translucent exhibition, which allows natural light to enter and fill the space, but simultaneously connects the interior to surrounding landscape. The visitor can therefore almost touch and feel the main reference of the exhibition – one of world's higest ski jumps.
 The graphic design concept of the exhibition, follows the clean and minimal tone set by the interior architecture of the building. Abundant imagery on glass displays guides visitors through history of ski jumping, offering them either a detailed story or just a brief overview. A horizontal timeline starts on the first floor in 1920, and travels throughout the whole museum right up to the present day. Halftone images, visible from both sides, make visual markers and emphasise the idea of transparency, present in the architecture of the building. In addition to the story there are 12 circular and ten vertical showcases reinforcing the experience with images and objects.

Interior design and museum concept: Trost & Associates Architecture ( 
Location: Planica, Rateče Planica, Slovenia 
Architect in charge: Jan Trošt 
Design team: Jan Trošt, Peter Krapež, Marko Ličen, Mateja Ličer, Nejc Trošt 
Graphic concept and print design: Janja Gomezel ( 
Area: 1500 sqm 
Project year: 2015 
Interior contractor: Reset d.o.o. ( 
Multimedia systems: TSE d.o.o. (
Glass and metal print: B&M 

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